Is Clothing Dead?

In this day and age, online shopping has become a popular form of shopping. In this article, they discuss whether or not shopping in store is dead or not. Online shopping is easy for everyone that has a cell phone or computer. It can be done anywhere at any time. I know I tend to do my online shopping at 3 AM, which causes me to have no need to go to the mall during the day.

I think shopping in the store will remain a constant, but it is definitely not as prominent as it used to be. Online shopping is just so much more convenient. Look at it this way: online shopping can be done whenever you want, whether it’s at 11 AM or 3 AM you can order stuff online at your convenience. Online shopping also allows you to have access to almost any store from the comfort from behind your screen. Overall online shopping is just a convenience factor. It is much easier to shop on your own time rather than take a good chunk of time out of your day to go to the mall to shop.

Online shopping does have some cons though. There are shipping costs and the fact that your item ordered won’t fit or it may come looking different than the picture. In my opinion, I believe that online shopping is putting a damper on in-person shopping. But only to an extent. I think that in-store shopping will never truly die, but it may take the back seat for a little while.

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